Do Strays Cats Purr?

Here's the thing.  I like the Psalms.  I like to write psalms. I find that writing my own psalm about God is prayer--my most focused prayer.  However, I need a poem for my writer's group and a poem about God wouldn't be acceptable.

So I wrote a psalm about my cat.  I used the same literary form as Psalm 1:

Blessed is the man who does not walk
   in the counsel of the wicked,
Nor stand in the way of sinners,
   nor sit in company with scoffers.

See how synonymous ideas are expressed, line after line, yet the original theme is developed.  You get the idea?   Well, here's my secular psalm:

Lucky is the cat who lives in my house
   in the bosom of my loving family,
in the warmth of a fireplace,
   or an air-conditioned, sunny room.

Rather than the stray who thinks he is free
  and though he may go here and there,
he will never choose to enter human embrace
   nor feel a gentle pat on the head
nor the stroke of a caressing hand
   nor the kiss of a child--or anyone.


Franklin Cultural District: A Favorite Poem Project - Oct 25

Franklin Cultural District: A Favorite Poem Project - Oct 25: The Franklin Senior Scribblers' Writers' Group is hosting A Favorite Poem Project . It is scheduled for October 25 at 10:00 AM at the Franklin Senior Center.  I'll post more as the date approches.

Heaven for Stutterers

At retreat today, the retreat friar told us a poignant story.  The assignment was "What is heaven?"  Naturally, everyone had their own opinion.  There was one, however, that stood out.

One of the eighteen-year-old students stuttered very badly.  She said, "Heaven is a place where everyone stutters."

She explains that once a year she attends a conference for people who stutter.  She loves to go to this conference.  Everyone there stutters.  She feels very comfortable.  She is not alone.  She can relax and stop thinking about what others think of her.   She feels most at home there. It's heaven.


She's right.  Heaven is where we will feel the most comfortable.  We will be home.

Nothing is Impossible with God

This is the first "interview" type of book, I've ever read.  I'm referre ing to God or Nothing, Robert Diat.  I liked it and when I think about it, I think I'd like any book that used an "interview".  Think about it.  Read the question, and if you don't care about the answer, skip it.  You only read the questions that interest you.
Cardinal Sarah, A Conversation on Faith with Nicolas

The book was written by Nicolas Diat.  The only information in the book about the author was this terse sentence, "Nicholas Diat is a French journalist and author."

The book was translated by Michael J. Miller and that's all the information that is given.  Imagine that!

Anyway, I learned a lot.  Cardinal Sarah is not the conservative right-wing nut the liberals make him out to be.  He's very reasonable and even when explaining difficult dogma, he's very kind and compassionate. His journey from a small village in Guinea to become a Cardinal in Rom…

Latest Update on My Favorite Poem Project

There are now 18 readers, plus a Middle School Class reciting O Captain, My Captain!  I sent out 26 invitations and I got 20 responses.  Half of the six who didn't answer are politicians.  Politicians!  Do you believe it?  What kind of politicians don't respond to their constituents?  Why don't they just say "no."  What?  Are two choices, "yes or no" too many for you?

One is a state senator, another is a state representative, and last is the chairman of my Town Council.  Do you think I'm going to vote for them again?  Do you think anyone in my family is going to vote for them?  Do you think any of my friends are going to vote for them?

If they can't respond to an invitation, how can we trust them to respond to our needs?

Not Your Usual Prayers

This article in Aleteia caught my eye.  It is talking about dangerous prayers.  The article's author, Elizabeth Scalia says that Flannery O'Connor once said, "my prayers take a line through Flannery O’ Connor: “Lord, I’ll never be a saint but I might be a martyr if they can kill me quickly!”

I'm even worse.  I will try to be a normal, ordinary saint, but please Lord, never a martyr. I'm such a coward.

The article's eye-grabbing headline is "Dangerous Prayers."  I won't be a spoiler.  Read the article to see what they are.

A Funny Thing Happened at Mass

Welcome to the 7:30 AM Mass, Father.  
Little did this unsuspecting priest know about the first morning Mass on Sunday.  Because people are just waking up, or because there is no music and that throws people off, or because God wants us to pay attention, crazy things happen:

Lectors read the correct Sunday in Ordinary Time, but the wrong year.

Mass celebrants knock consecrated hosts off the altar.

The entrance procession goes the wrong way.

Acolytes don't show up, drop the chalice, can't get the tops of the cruets, have no water to wash away the priest's iniquities, etc.

Lectors don't show up.

People show up during the Liturgy of the Word.

The celebrant announces the wrong intention.

Do you get the idea?  This morning hit a new high/low.  Everything was fine until just after the Consecration.  Everyone heard a loud thump.  99% of the people wouldn't know what happened because they couldn't see what had happened.  But we lectors who are up on the sanctuary saw.…