Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival

This first Sunday of Advent is also A Catholic Carnival day of Sunday Snippets.  What am I talking about?  Every Sunday, a group of bloggers post about their week's posts and link together at This n' That and the Other Thing.  Thanks for R'Ann who is our gracious hostess.

R'Ann asked What I planned to do for Advent?  I refuse to answer because I'm still sore from having my plans upset.  See Thursday's post from a couple of weeks ago.  Sorry, I guess I enjoy wallowing in self pity.  Poor me.

But this week was busy.

Sunday -- Father Brian explained "proof texting," to me.

Monday -- Brother Tonto explained "Thanksgiving," to me.

Tuesday -- Auntie Mae made a sales pitch.

Wednesday -- I prayed.

Thursday -- A tribute to Sarah Joseph Hale.

Friday -- Promotion for Cities for Life.

Saturday -- I marveled how St. Peter's writing were so apropos to our present times.

To read my friends' posts, please go here.

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